Fab-Find Friday

Ok, I’m going to kick off the Fab-Find Friday feature with a couple of things.  I have been looking for a moisturizer for the longest time, while I’ve been waiting for my Clinique one to run out.  Last night I finally had zippo moisturizer left – and surprisingly enough, on the very last drop of my Mac foundation too.

So, today, I popped into Edgars to get some moisturizer and perhaps a new foundation while I was there.  Now I’ve always been a fan of Marvelous Mac makeup, but I’ve also wanted to try Bobbi Brown cosmetics. What is a girl to do?  So, I figured ok, lets go test this Bobbi Brown out – see how the foundation wears and decide tomorrow.

Yeah Right!

Lets just say I walked out there being a “wee” bit over budget and practically on the path to divorce. My husband was shocked when I confessed my naughty little sin. But, it wasn’t completely sinful – after all I have always been a firm believer in using good quality products on my skin.  I can do the cheap clothes – but not cheap skincare and make up, accept for the occasional cheapy liquid eyeliner or nail polish.

I had full intentions of going for a full range of Dermalogica skincare, but I’ve heard the price of the moisturizer was around R600. I had talked myself into justifying by saying that it is just once and lasts forever- and surely the cleanser and toner would last a bit longer and be a bit cheaper.  Ok, so back to my original story.  I discover the BB  foundation is only R100 more expensive than the Mac I used, so I can live with that.  So I ask the girl at the counter to give me a trial so that I can test it out for myself.

The sneaky-sneaky (and very damn smart) consultant, moisturized my face and put on T-H-E most amazing moisturizer I have ever felt in my entire life.  R375 – a pop but I’m sold. It smells good, feels rich and creamy and she tells me it’s also a make up primer – BONUS  even more reason to get it.

Then she pulls out this nifty little duo container and tells me that a concealer is very important for under the eye area.  Apparently the skin texutre is differnt to the face and that it is also darker – hmmm – see I learnt something new.  This tub has concealer on the top and a powder at the bottom, which you are supposed to pat over your concealer after applying it. I’ve got to have it – and the applicator brush too for that matter.  Add on R280 for the concealer and R180 for the brush.

Thank goodness I already invested in a brilliant 5-piece set of MAC brushes – The concealer brush was however,  not part of the set, so don’t look at me like that – I neee-hee-did it!

She then proceeds to apply the Bobbi Brown foundation to my face. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a creamy concealer like this before and I absolutely loved it.  I also love that it has a yellow base as I’m naturally olive skined.  She applys such a small amount using an applicator brush (which I already have – yay) that I thought nothing was one. Then she shows me the mirror and I’m instantly sold. I also have pigmentation on my face which I hate, and this covers it beautifully.  To make things even better, it comes in a nifty little compact – which feels very Hollywood.

Next, she applys bronzing powder instead of a blush and I love it – she’s given me cheek bones and I want it! Unfortunately for me, they were out of stock – but luckily they were, or I’d be in even bigger trouble than I am right now.

So lets, see – I bought the hydrating moisturizer, the hydrating eye care cream (yes, she convinced me – evil, evil girl :P), the creamy foundation, the concealer, as well as the applicator brush.  The result R1505 poorer, but I’m not regretting it at all. Lets just hope that I can sell enough advertising on StyleScoop to make up for it – after all it is “research” isn’t it?

Ive had the make up on for a couple of hours now and it not only looks and feels fantatbulous – but I feel completely “cake free”.

So girls, my fab find for this Friday is without a doubt Bobbi Brown.  And because I can’t decide which product is more fabulous, I’ll just fab-ulize them all.

I must say though, the girl who helped me was really good.  She totally sold me  – and the nice thing was, she gave me a spatula to apply my moisturizer (which doesn’t come with the product), applicator wedges as well as a nifty little 10-step beauty book.  And everyone knows how much respect freebies give us!

Check out the Bobbi Brown website for cool video on how to apply your make up.

Oh and I’ve decided to give the expensive cleanser and toner a miss.  In fact, the soap dries up my skin and the toner burns the crap out of it. I recently bought Johnson’s Facial wipes – and they work beautifully, two  in one, so my three step skincare is now:

1. Johnson’s Facial Wipes
2. Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Moisturizer and
3. Sunscreen – 100SPF

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