Slick little device – Sanyo CA8 – Digital Camcorder

Slick little device – Sanyo CA8 – Digital Camcorder

Submitted by Mandy – Durban

It is safe to say that I am a gadget junkie, and given unlimited time and of course money, I would surround myself with lots of shiny new toys with plenty of buttons and features that would keep me entertained for hours…

So when I spotted the new advertisement for the Sanyo CA8 Underwater there was no way I wasn’t getting in my car right then and there to go and get one! So I did. And I love it…

It’s sexier than Brad Pitt in the Mexican and thinner than Kiera Knightly, oh and did I mention I films UNDERWATER and all for a tidy 5 grand.

Lets be clear before you all grab your car keys, this gorgeous little number is NOT a “camcorder” and won’t be suitable for filming your sisters wedding day, no sir. This baby is perfect for those wannabe You-Tuber’s and Facebook junkies. To get technical this sweet thing shoots 60 frames a second in 640 x 480 which basically makes it a cellphone video camera on steroids.

Having a baby, I was tired of having to whip out my cellphone camera to capture one of his many precious moments, the resolution was rubbish and it was a serious schlep. The CA8 is the answer to my prayers. It shoots individual clips, awesome for uploading as there is no need for editing into bite sized pieces.

Jampacked into it’s tiny body is an 8MP camera with host of shooting modes and fact detection. Waterproof to 1.5m and 40 degree’s I can’t wait until my son starts swimming lessons, those hot summer days in the swimming pool or mornings the The Beach Café in the sand.

This camera is a real gem and I am so in love with at the moment I would forsake old Brad for it tonight and take the camera and the manual with me to bed tonight.