The Lash Review – Basic black

The Lash Review – Basic black

Lashes to lashes – Lust to Lust, fabulous false lashes are a must. I was given the opportunity to review the fabulous (really, really fabulous) lashes collection from Eyelash Central

I have received eight pairs, and every Thursday, starting today, I will be reviewing them as part of my “Beauty and Brains” feature.

In addition, I will be taking photos of the lashes – before and after, and each week, Eyelash Central will be giving away one pair of the reviewed lashes to a lucky StyleScoop reader – so make sure you enter the competition (every week – details below and on the WIN page).  If you can’t wait for the end of the week, then check out their website and order them online.

This week’s review

Competition Clue: “Thick Black Lashes”

Dimi Says

Before I start, I must first say how impressed I am with the quality and presentation of the Eyelash Central range.  Not only do they have an endless collection to suit every occasion, but their lashes are good quality and come in a lovely box.  Each pair also comes with its own latex glue applicator.  And if you take care of your lashes you can wear them a few times over.  Speaking of the glue, it’s luminous blue, which makes applying it easy, as you can see that it goes one evenly.  Don’t  stress though, because the glue turns transparent when dry. – Could you imagine?

Now back to the lashes, this pair is simple, gorgeous and very natural.  They are the kind of lashes you could wear, well everywhere.  They are made  of synthetic fibres that feel like real lashes.  Although they are not super long (like many of the styles), these lashes defiantly add loads of volume and have a stunning curling effect too – something I really need as my lashes are short and scarce.

I first applied all my make up, including foundation and concealer around the eyes, eyeliner and mascara before I applied the lashes.  Wait a while after you apply your lashes otherwise you may smudge your mascara all over the place – not very fabulous.

See for yourself:

If you’ve never attempted false lashes before, take it from me, it’s not easy.  It does take a lot of practice, so don’t go and apply them if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare – unless you’re a pro.  I would definitely suggest watching some videos on YouTube, to get tips on how to apply them properly.  One tip I can share is although most of you will assume the bathroom is the best place to apply your lashes, I found that the best place to get lashy is at the dining room table, with a mirror on a stand – of course.  By supporting your elbows, its much easier to get the lashes on without stabbing your eye – which, by the way I did a few times in my early false lash days.

Dimi Ingle

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