The Lash Review – Purple passion

The Lash Review – Purple passion

This week I “lashed out” a bit and decided to go for a set of colourful, playful, purple lashes to review in the weekly feature.  The feature, by the way is brought to you by Eyelash Central, who stock a full range of fabulous lashes for any occasion.  Anyway, it seems as though I am getting better at applying the lashes – by my 8th week, I’ll probably be a pro!

The Review:

Dimi Says:
I really liked wearing these ones.  The purple is very subtle, but very effective and are not much of an in-yer-face change.  When I asked a friend, who had seen me with the first pair of black lashes we reviewed, she said that the purple ones looked more natural.  So Either my application skills are getting better, or it could be the finer lashes (and less volume than the black ones), that made these appear to be more natural looking.

See for yourself:

Oh, another tip when using the glue – instead of dropping it onto the lash, rather slide the lash across the glue wand.  The glue that comes with these lashes has a wand applicator, which makes it really easy!

Dimi Ingle

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