The art of Seduction

The art of Seduction

Yes, the time has come for me to discuss the topic of sex. Sex is a vital ingredient in any romantic relationship. It is that sexual attraction that makes or breaks a relationship. No other topic can stir as much controversy. No one can provide a formula that will translate into successful and meaningful sexual experience. A sexual relationship between two people is as intricate, complicated and as unique as each one of us.

Therefore, I won’t get into delicate details and logistics of the actual act of love. I am more of a “whatever floats your boat” kinda person. However, I do feel that the frequency of the relations is of importance.

The opinions here are as divided as the topic itself. Some try to stick to the golden 3 nights a week rule, whist some cannot fathom going without ‘it’ for more than 2 days, if not every day. There are also those who are a lot more sporadic, or resistant.

For some reason, women moan about the advances their partners make. After all, why wouldn’t he want to do ‘it’ all the time… It always puzzles me how these ladies complain about their partners finding them desirable. This man loves you, why wouldn’t he want to be intimate?

I am in contact with other mommies, who often discuss sex. Very often, they pride themselves on the duration of time they DO NOT have sex! I am talking months here! There was one character that would withhold any sexual interactions with her husband until he bought her something (usually very expensive). Mostly, the tiredness and stress are sited as common culprits, with unattractive body shape being of a concern too.

Well, I think it is all nonsense. Sex should be fun and enjoyable. AND it is the ultimate power tool! One thing some women tend to often overlook once they are in a stable relationship, is the art of seduction. Women hold such incredible power and the only way to unlock is to release your inner sex goddess!

Here is what you need:

1. Lingerie is the most important and powerful tool of seduction. Go all out: corsets, suspenders, garter, high heels – the works. The corset will flatter any shape and hide any flaw, the suspenders will make you feel uber sexy. Oh and the garter will make you feel delicate and pretty.
2. Bling, bling, and more bling! Think sparkly, shiny, and bold! – dangling earrings, chunky sparkly bracelets!
3. Stilettos… the higher the better. Next time you shop for a pair of shoes, think of what will classify as “come and F*** me NOW heels”
4. Red lipstick!

Then plan…

If you are a beginner at this, please warn your significant other of a surprise in store. This way, the anticipation will heighten the desired effect, and avoid potential disappointment if he is planning to watch Top Gear or some sporting event that evening.

Think of all the possible details: candles, flowers, and possibly the finest French Champagne.

Go to the spa and get waxed, buffed, spray tanned, tweaked and polished. Have your nails manicured and pedicured, your hair styled, have your make up done by a professional (think big, think thick sexy lashes, and red lipstick).

You will feel like a sex goddess.

Whatever you do, do it because your love yourself and your man. Dressing up and seducing your man will take you to the new dimensions in your intimate relationship. Seduce him and show him that he has chosen the very best! Make him thank his lucky stars every night as he falls asleep next to you! Sex is good for you too; it makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and you will radiate! Naturally sex will make you feel more alive, and confident and more playful. The more sex you have the more you want, so for this week try and have sex everyday and see what happens 😉

Evegenia Poplett

Evegenia Poplett is a wedding planner and fabulous mother of three. Shes smart, sexy and stylish and is an inspiration to all women who’ve been in the labour room! Being a mom is no excuse to be unfabulous!