The Lash Review – Beads and beyond

The Lash Review – Beads and beyond

This week I’ve upped the Glam factor a bit and tried out lashes that are a bit flashier than the rest.  Long and sexy, the 009 lashes have tiny pearls attached to the end.  Check out my review and stand the chance to win this week’s lashes.  As always, this lash review is brought to you by  Eyelash Central, who stock a full range of fabulous lashes for any occasion.


The Review:

Dimi Says:
These lashes kind of remind me of the lashes Cindy Nell is wearing in the South African version of Strictly Come Dancing.  The tiny beads on the ends really make your eyes sparkle.  The lashes themselves are long and pretty, getting longer toward the end of the lash line.  The thick black line that sits against your lash line means you don’t even need to apply eyeliner as it’s all built in.  However, I would suggest that you still blend a bit of liner onto your lash line to make the lashes look more authentic.

In terms of application, these are so far the easiest to apply

See for yourself:

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