Ace these festive style tips

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Being trendy and stylish at the same time can be tricky.  Looking good is, great, but do you want to look better than simply sgood?  Read on and try these style tips…

TREND: 3/4’s
Woolies have fab 3/4 pants in silver and bronze, dressy enough to wear to yet another Christmas party.

TIP – check the length. If they are too long you will look dumpy no matter how tall you are. The length should finish just below the calf muscle. Add strappy shoes to show more flesh and create a longer, slimmer leg.

TREND: Underwear
Temptations have a fabulous range of underwear to compliment your party outfit.

TIP - wear a corset under a low cut dress or sheer top for that sexy look. Try underwear that has a stretch lace finish around the legs and hips,  to avoid an unsightly panty line.  They are super comfy and oh so feminine!

TREND: Cleavage
Too much cleavage can send out the wrong message.

TIP - Find a lacy camisole that will just peep out of your top or dress. The colour needn’t match, so try a contrasting colour. If your top is a V, your camisole should have a straight neck line.

TREND: Ankle straps
Ankle straps are very visible this season.

TIP - Only wear them with a dress or skirt if the strap is dainty.  If not, it will cut across your ankle,  making you look dumpy, and if you have full calves, they can make you look stocky.  Ankle straps are great under pants! Do not wear stockings with them (don’t laugh I attended a function the other night and someone did just that!)

TREND: Jeans
Jeans are a versatile must have.

TIP - The fit is very improtant and can help you look slimmer or make you look  overweight. Tight jeans not only accentuate your bulges, but draw attention where it’s not wanted!  Go for a size up, and wait for the “have you lost weight” compliment.  Besides, nobody can see the size label in any case.

TREND: Makeup
Finally make up.

TIP – Keep it natural. Colours look dated and can make you look tired if they are not used correctly.  Foundation should look natural not like it is caked on. Make lipstick your focal point.  For an effect, use a stunning red for the party.

CREDIT: Photo by Duchesssa

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