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Star Beauty – Skin Deep

March 12, 2009

With winter creeping up behind us, moisturiser should be your main concern.  Keep your skin’s health in check by feeding it with the correct nutrients it needs.  This weeks Star Beauty is all about rich moisturisers.


The secret to a flawless face is healthy, radiant skin.  A flawless face starts with good skin care and, of course, good products – so make sure you choose the right ones.  I would say skimp (if you must) on the cosmetics – limit it to the bare necessities (lipstick, eyeliner, mascara) if you’re running low on cash, but never ever settle for anything less than perfect skincare products.

Achieving great skin takes lots of loving care, following a good eating plan and using products that work in harmony with your skin.  So, before you splurge your last bit of savings on lotions and potions, that promise you heaven on skin earth, test the products before you buy.  Most reputable cosmetic houses have a counter, with an expert team that can tell you exactly which products your skin needs and you can test them out before you buy them.

Here are a few of my favourite things…

  1. La Mer Moisturising Creme.  I kid you not, I used this cream for two days and I could already feel the difference.  I used La Mer Moisturising Creme at night to feed my skin while I was asleep, and during the day I used
  2. La Mer Moisturising Gel.  It’s amazing how quickly my skin absorbed the gel, leaving my skin feeling silky smooth.  My make up even looked better, more radiant and definitely more flawless.  In my opinion, a well deserved 10/10.
  3. Clinique Superdefense is the perfect moisturiser, packed with an SPF of 25 .  Remember you skin still needs protection from the sun even in winter.  Superdefense leaves my skin looking good, non-greasy and gives it a better texture.   See my full review on this product here
  4. Bobbi Brown Face Base.  Although this is not a moisturiser per se, its fabulous.  It made my skin feel silky smooth and very luxurious.  Its one of those products, where you just can’t stop touching your face .  See what else I had to day about this product here
  5. Revlon Age Defying Sculpt-logic is a day lotion that is packed with BOTAFIRM™ which targets wrinkles and saggy skin.

Here are more great moisture-rich products…


I have been using the Loreal Skin Genesis system for 2 weeks now and so far, I love this stuff.  I use Loreal Skin Genesis Nurturing Day Cream in the mornings,  followed by Loreal Skin Genesis Contouring Eye Cream.  A t night I use Loreal Skin Genesis Intensive Night Cream, together with the Contouring Eye Cream.  Both formulas are well absorbed by my skin and have’nt caused any irritation, redness or any problems what so ever.  In fact, it seems to have reduced the appearance of the fine lines in my forehead. So far, I really like this product, but I’ll give it the full 4 weeks trial as recommended by the product package.

Almay also has some great moisture rich products…


  1. Time-off age  smoothing lasting moisture lotion is a  lightweight lotion that provides the skin with vitamin E and Aloe, giving it all day moisture.  It’s also packed with SPF25 to help keep the skin looking (and feeling) younger.
  2. Sensitive care is a great moisturiser for sensitive skin.  This is a light oil-in-water moisture cream that helps to reduce redness and irritation.
  3. Time-off age smoothing wrinkle defense cream is a moisturiser that helps to smooth out wrinkles, while at the same time providing the skin with eight hours of moisture.

From the house of Revlon…


Check out the Revlon Hydra Boost range for skin that needs more moisture.

  1. Revlon Hydra Boost Intense Radiance Moisturising Day Lotion is  a product used to boost the skin’s natural radiance.  Personally I found it a bit to moisture rich for my skin, however I really liked the Multiplier Complex formula from this range (see 2).
  2. Revlon Hydra Boost Intense Moisture Multiplier Complex is a gorgeous product that you can add to your existing skin care regime for an added boost of moisture – day or night.  It works is by giving your skin nutrients such as Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba, Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract to restore the skins’ texture and appearance.  Ideally this product should be used under Hydra Boost Day Lotion and Night Cream.

Good to try


  1. Maxydrat from Coverderm is a facial cream that instantly increases moisture levels.  It also provides anti-wrinkle action.
  2. Dior Capture Totale is skincare for anti ageing, and this product has been re-launched with new technology.
  3. For truly thirsty skin that is dry, dull and in desperate need of revitalising try Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Crème (R480).  This cream helps skin to stay hydrated despite changing temperature and humidity shifts.

Experts add their tips

“Our bodies need water to function at their best. In fact, our bodies cannot survive without water. The same is true of our skin. It needs hydration for its overall health. Skin that isn’t properly hydrated can become dry, dull and irritated – setting the stage for the signs of premature ageing.” – Leila Marx, National Education and Training Manager for Estee Lauder.

“You should choose your moisturizer according to your main skincare concern – the skin you want is revealed when you optimize the performance of all its natural processes – those responsible for protecting, hydrating and repairing your skin’s performance. If you are battling to know which concern it is that you need help with, Estee Lauder offer a free Skin Check up as part of their Signature Services which are complimentary at all counters nationwide and will help you discover a targeted system that will deliver results.” – Jessica Lawther, Communications Manager Estee Lauder.

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