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Creating a buzz in Mascara

March 16, 2009

391571_SPO9_MotionMascara_v9.psdNow here’s a gadget that every every fabulous fasionista will love and it comes from the house of Estēe Lauder.  It’s called “Turbo Lash” and this nifty, little vibrating mascara, is literally the next best thing since microwave popcorn.

Turbo Lash is a revolutionary mascara that helps you to build maximum volume and length. “The brush works on its own to separate and fan lashes beyond what a brushstroke by hand could ever achieve,” says Anne Carullo, Senior Vice President of Global Product Development and Innovation, Estēe Lauder. “With this breakthrough mascara system, every consumer is an expert in creating extravagantly dramatic lashes that pop!”

The thought of a vibrating mascara may scare some people off at first, after all working so close to the eye area, one would naturally be afraid of movements that are uncontrollable.  That is what I found so great about this product.  Although you can feel the vibrations in your hand, you still have full control over the application of your mascara.

A simple twist of the lid, the cap turns into a gentle humming gadget that allows you become an expert at mascara application.  The device automatically turns itself off when the cap is replaced and twisted closed.

All in all a great, innovative product that looks stylish, with its beautifully branded navy and gold stripes, but a product that gives you great lashes, lasts long and will be the envy of all your girlfriends.

You can get your hands on this mascara that is already stocked in four of the exclusive Estēe Lauder counters for R365.00.  Next month (April) sees the launch of Turbolash Nationwide at all counters, so get ready to hum.

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