24 hours of laptop life

24 hours of laptop life

hp-elitebook-6930psmallLet’s face it- the average laptop battery life leaves a lot to be desired – with just a few hours of work before you start getting those “battery low” warnings. It’s a good thing then that HP isn’t really in the market of average laptops (think of the gorgeous Vivien Tam notebook they recently introduced!)

Hewlett Packard has recently introduced the HP Elitebook 6390p to the South African market, which will have travellers, business owners and even the green warriors excited.

The notebook boasts a 24 hour battery life off of a single charge, which means less electricity is used to charge it, and once it’s charged, it’s going to stay that way for a while.

So how exactly do they do it? Well, just changing from a regular LED display to their Illumi_lite LED technology adds another four hours to your battery life and the Intel SSD hard drive increases battery life by a further seven percent.

If you travel a lot for business, then this is definitely the notebook for you. HP says that its battery will withstand the world’s longest long-haul commercial flight (from Newark Liberty International airport to Singapore’s Changi airport), which is over 18 hours long. And because it lasts the whole day, you get a whole day’s uninterrupted work in.

The initial ENERGY STAR®-qualified HP EliteBook 6930p setup weighs just over 2 kilograms and has a 14.1 inch widescreen display. The Illumi-Lite technology which also happens to be mercury free, is however optional, and without it and the separately purchased long-life battery, you wont reach the 24 hour battery claim. It features a 14.1-inch diagonal widescreen display and is built tough to withstand all the travelling you are bound to be doing with it.

HP attempts to make all of their notebooks as environmentally friendly as possible and has set itself a goal, to cutting out all mercury from its screens by 2010. Mercury is very common in laptop screens and can wreak havoc on the environment, so kudos to them.

The laptop retails from just over R20 000 and remember, if you plan on investing in new technology, dispose of your old computers wisely. Either sell your working device or track down a company that will dispose of it in the correct ways.


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