Beauty Scoop – Summer body creams

Beauty Scoop – Summer body creams

palmerscocoabutterDon’t you just love spring?  The gorgeous smells, the wonderful colours and the excitement that surrounds the welcoming of summer and party season?

Now that all those layers of winter clothing have finally come off, you’ve probably noticed that it’s time to start getting your skin ready for summer.

I’ve recently added two fabulous body moisturizers to my daily skin routine and in this week’s beauty scoop, I’d like to share them with you:

The first one is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, one of the most indulgent, most delicious body creams I’ve tried.  It’s trusted formula has niveabodysummerbeautybeen used for years, and this one is packed with UVA/ UVB protection and has an SPF of 15- making it the ideal cream for every day use.  In addition, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula also smoothes marks and tones the skin and it’s non greasy, highly absorbent formula will have you falling in love with it every day.

At night, I prefer to use another yummy cream, Nivea Summer Beauty.  Its a lovely, rich and indulgent cream that also has firming properties.  Why I like it so much is that it smells really good and fruity and it also has a built in, gradual self tanner to help give you skin a hint of sun kissed gorgeousness.

Both of these products can be found just about anywhere and they are fairly inexpensive too.

Dimi Ingle

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