Best Beauty Buys – Cleansers, makeup removers, exfoliators

Best Beauty Buys – Cleansers, makeup removers, exfoliators

My job as Beauty Editor at StyleScoop allows me to experiment with all sorts of beauty goodies, from skincare to makeup, to finishing touches for body and hair. I’ve used a lot and bought a lot too, and this is the first of my six-week Best Beauty Buys, which will feature my top products that I have used this year.


I thought I’d kick off my 2009 Best Beauty Buys with the first step in any good skin care regime – cleansers, makeup removers and exfoliators.

It was tough picking out just two-three favourites, but these products have earned top points in my beauty books! And, here they are…

Make up removers

For those of you who do wear makeup, there is just no skipping this step. Sorry, ordinary cleanser will just not work, unless you want to scrub off the top layer of skin (so not fabulous).

If you’re super lazy (like me) when it comes to removing makeup, then you’ll love the Estee Lauder Take it Away LongWear Makeup Remover Towelettes (5). These not only smell really good, but they quickly, and easily get rid of makeup. They are also perfect for travel and for your bedside table for those nights when you’re too tired to take your war paint off.

To remove heavy eye makeup, I love Almay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads (3). These babies work disappearing wonders when I’ve really done up my eyes, even when I’ve used the blackest black and strongest mascara. They are also really easy to use and gentle on the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. Plus, you wont lose a single lash in the process!

Then there’s the case of the “making a huge makeup mistake” when doing eyes in a hurry. For times like these, I use the only and only MODELco Liquid Eye Buds (6). They are so innovative and effective, you just snap off the one side of the specialized q-tip and it releases just enough eye makeup remover to let you remove your eye makeup (or the messy part) without having to start all over again. I especially love using these when I add dramatic liner to my lids and mess up, or when I get mascara residue under my eyes – its genius and it fits into your handbag and clutch purse!


Whether you wear a little makeup, a lot or none at all, every good skin care regime should start with a good cleanser. Now my skin is pretty sensitive, or wait, let me re-phrase that, it used to be. Ever since I’ve stared using these two cleansers, it has made all the difference.

My first choice is  Olay Regenerist Skin Thermal Skin Polisher (2). I only recently got introduced to this product and its one of the best cleansers yet. It smells good, feels good and does a great job, without irritating my skin. Plus they say regular use is almost as effective as having a mini peel. I’ve never had a mini peel so I cant compare, but I can say my skin looks more radiant and glowing thanks to this product.

Another cleanser favourite of mine is Bobbi Brown Lathering Tube Soap (1). A little really does go a long way and forms a great foam, to give you squeeky clean skin without any irritation whatsoever. I like to alternate between these two cleansers because I love them both!

Buff up

Experts recommend exfoliating once a week if your skin is normal. If its oily you need to do it at least twice a week and if it’s sensitive you need to be super careful what exfoliator you use.

My absolute favourite, without a doubt has to be the Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains (4). Apart from being gentle on your skin, you can customize them to suit your skin type. Because they come in a separate pour bottle, you can use less or more, its entirely up to you. In addition to that, they work really well and can be added to your cleanser or used on their own with a little water.

If you prefer an all in one exfoliator that’s also gentle and effective, then I recommend Almay Gentle Exfoliator (7). This product can be used on your face or body for a gentle exfoliation that wont scratch, harm or irritate the skin.

Next week Wednesday I’ll reveal my Best Beauty Buys for Moisturizes, eye creams and sun blocks, so stay tuned.

Remember we’d love to hear what you have to say. If you’ve used any of these products or have your own favourite-favourites please share it by commenting below

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