Lingerie for your feet

Lingerie for your feet

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Toe Cleavage” before. If you havent’ toe cleavage is when your shoes are low cut enough and expose the top of your toes. Quite similar in fact, to when you show chest cleavage – just enough to look sexy without bearing your bits.


We all know wearing sexy lace bra’s helps to make “the girls” look great and sends a thrill of excitement when a little lace is exposed (not too much though, were talking sexy not skanky!)

Well now you can get the same thrill of excitement when you wear sexy, lacy and provocative lingerie on your feet! Yes, you read correct – lingerie for your feet. I recently stumbled upon a fabulous website that specialises in selling sexy lingerie for your feet.

They have many styles of Lingerie Toes choose from and they look super sexy with sky high, killer heels! It’s the ultimate footwear accessory.


Lingerie Toes are also great if you have shoes that show a bit too much “toe cleavage” and you want to cover it up in a sexy, yet super stylish way. I seriously want a pair and at $15 a pair (about R110) they are certainly on my lust list!

For more information on Lingerie Toes and to buy them online visit

Dimi Ingle

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