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This week I am featuring the super fabulous Hanh from life-in-travel. A while ago she left a really sweet comment on my blog, so of course I headed over to her blog and that is how I discovered her amazing style!


Hanh has the most amazing shoe collection. She is ahead of all the trends and her style is very edgy and chic, yet at the same time elegant. She is a fabulous mom and a fashion blogger who travels the world…

1. Who or what inspired you to start your own blog?

Before I started my blog, I was a guest on my friend’s fashion blog for a while. After visiting all the different fashion blogs, I started thinking about starting one of my own. My blog is not just about fashion but also about traveling and food and since these are my passions, it would be nice to keep it like a journal hence Life-in-Travel was born.


2. How would you describe your style?

My style is random. It’s elegant but edgy, glam rock but classic, feminine with a touch of tough and it’s always paired with fabulous shoes!

3. Who inspires you fashion wise?

Being a fan of style, I pick up my style inspiration everywhere from runway to magazines or fashion bloggers. I really like the style of Anna Dello Russo, Carine roitfeld, Emanuelle Alt and Barbara Martelo.


4. What are your 5 favourite fashion items and why?

1. Shoes – a pair of great shoes will lift your outfit into a different level as shoes are a great element to any outfit.

2. Leather jacket – a classic leather jacket with a modern twist is a must have in a closet, it’s just so cool.

3. Scarf: it’s inexpensive and it adds a touch to any outfit.

4. Jewelry: matching the right jewelry to the right outfit always adds an interesting element to your outfits.

5. Cardigan: a lightweight cardigan is versatile for any look .

5. Describe a typical day in your life?

I wake up and help my kids get ready for school, then I check my mail and do some blogging. After that I head out of the house to do some volunteer work for my kid’s school or my temple. Then time for grocery shopping (every other day), pick up the kids from school, help them doing their homework and prepare dinner etc… Basically I have a mom’s job which I enjoy doing .

I like to watch TV with my husband after saying goodnight to my kids and tucking them into bed. I love to go out with my husband twice a week – that is when we can have our time together and that also when I have a chance to dress up. I also like to do a little blogging sometimes after everyone is in bed (I’m the last one in bed).


6. Do people recognize you from your blog?

One time during New York fashion week, I was shopping at INA store, there were two ladies from LA and NY on their business trip who recognized me and we talked for a while. Another time which was also in New York, a sales lady at Seven recognized me, that was so cool.

7. What is the number one rule you stick to when purchasing garments?

That you are looking for a versatile piece.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

It’s a long time from now, but I hope I still have time to continue my blog and one thing’s for sure – I would love to be more involved in charity work.


9. How do you find a balance between blogging and your every day life with your children?

It is not easy, sometimes it’s a big rush in between blogging and taking care of my kids. I try to be good mom and I always make sure my kids get enough of my attention, they are always first.


10. What advice would you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?

Just be yourself, everyone is different and has their own style. We all learn and inspire each other.

Hanh always has an encouraging word for everyone, she is one of the most stylish moms I have ever met. The fact that her blog is not only about fashion, but she shares pictures of her equally gorgeous children and all her holiday destinations, definately makes her one of The Fearless Fashionistas!

Visit her blog


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