Keeping a tight hold on the situation

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I recently went to London for a business trip and had some time to snap some Street Style pics. For the next couple of weeks, Ill share with you what I found and what we can look forward to in our winter. From March onwards, you will start to see retailers bringing in their winter merchandise, so consider this your fashion forecast!

The biggest thing I saw in the UK was just how popular tights have become. Look out for printed, patterened, plain or coloured styles. Footless tights are great to wear as leggings when you just want to wear a tunic with pumps, while full tights are perfect to keep your feet warm in boots or heels.

I saw a very playful, fearless use of tights overseas so don’t feel like you need to stick to black or opaque varieties simply because you are not inspired. Wearing colourful tights with an otherwise boring outfit can give it an instant lift. Pairing them with ankle boots, shoe boots or even knee-length styles is a perfect way to stay on trend.

Lace varieties are also starting to pick up in terms of popularity so stock up on all your favourite colours.

And the best part? They wont cost you the earth. For R50 or less you too can enjoy interesting hosiery. No guilt – no fuss!

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