Men and how to accessorize them

Men and how to accessorize them

As a women you know the power of a great accessory. You know that adding a certain piece will change or enhance your look. The same way a chef knows to add a special ingredient to transform a meal from standard to delightful.

The truth is every man wants to be fashionable, but for many it seems like far too much work. However adding the right accessories to the basics of ‘The Skeleton List’ will give your man that extra flair. He doesn’t need fancy ‘bling’ or the latest ‘must have’ of the season, because when it comes to fashion it’s not always what you wear; it’s what you don’t wear!

(image via celebrityfashiontips)

Google is a wonderful thing. With 97 million search results to ‘men’s accessories’ alone you, are bound to find something. But where you direct to from there is up to you. Let me make this a little easier for you…


The most important item for a man to wear other than his clothing is a good quality watch. Not only is it a great conversation starter but it speaks of your class and taste. While leather straps are increasingly popular, make sure to avoid those wrist-band watches that belong on the arm of a 12 year old. A watch, no matter the cost, should be clean and simple in design.

THE CURRENT TREND: Large faces are very popular for 2010!

(The Breitling Navitimer watch is celeb favourite )


Son, put away that velcro wallet from ‘92. A grown man should own a quality leather wallet that doesn’t spill out or crack.

THE CURRENT TREND: If you don’t carry coins around consider a money clip or simple credit card holder.

(Montblanc money clip )


Oakley is a very popular brand for sportsmen. The special lenses are polarized and cover the side and front of your eyes. Unfortunately they have yet to impress me with their small swim-goggle design. Keep them for sports. For the rest, consider the trend, as with most of menswear– the return to classic styles.

THE CURRENT TREND: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

(Ray-Ban Clubmasters)


While it serves the purpose of shielding the sun and keeping the hair out of your eyes, a baseball cap is not trendy. In fact they are becoming less and less popular with the return of older styles. Beanies, paper boy hats and Trilby’s are great alternatives.

THE CURRENT TREND: Panama straw hats

(The original Bond – Sir Sean Connery wearing a straw hat in a Louis Vuitton campaign)


Aside from the wedding ring, men are quite comfortable wearing a couple of pieces they choose for themselves. Jewelry is a personal thing and isn’t really determined by what anyone famous is wearing. The way it’s worn, yes. But not the item itself.  The styles for 2010 are low hung chains with something personal hanging from it. For instance I have a collection of anchors. Added to a basic white Tee under a blazer or leather jacket is very effective. Chains, beads and leather jewelry should not be anywhere near the base of your neck. To update it, make it longer.

THE CURRENT TREND:  Signet rings, perhaps with a family crest?

(Robert Pattinson wears a stylish signet ring)

No matter the item chosen, a man’s accessory should be an extension of who he is. It’s primary job is to enhance your look. You’re a sassy girl and you compliment your man, so why not allow his accessories to compliment him?

Marco Riekstins

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