Celebrity Beauty – Bailey Schneider

Celebrity Beauty – Bailey Schneider

She’s the sweet voice behind 94.7’s Afternoon Drive Time show and when she’s not writing her novel, this 27 year old blonde babe from Jo’burg is all about being a girly-girl.

Tell us a bit about your beauty regime.
I am the ultimate girly girl. My bathroom and dressing table overflows with beauty products. I just can’t get enough and I have to try them all! I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, use an eye and neck cream, have facials and use masks.

Every woman has her own secret army of products that she just cannot live without. What’s in your army of products?

1. Mascara – I have tried them all and continue to try the mascaras that are new on the market. However, I always tend to go back to my favourite. Maybelline Intense XXL
2. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Pale Almond
3. Essence Eyeliner… this is a new discovery from Clicks. It is affordable and long lasting.
4. A long lasting lipgloss that moisturisers the lips too – I love L’Oreal and MAC
5. ghd is something I can’t imagine life without. I have wavy hair, which can be a mission on days. Thank goodness for ghd!

What beauty treats are inside your handbag?
1. Woolworths Vanilla Hand lotion
2. Victoria Garden Lip balm – The Royal Tudor Range, in Rose & Applemint.
3. Studio Fix MAC powder
4. I always have a Michael Kors or DKNY fragrance in my handbag. I absolutely love the new vanilla fragranced PureDKNY
5. My entire make up bag – I’m hardly without it. I learnt the hard way once when I didn’t have it with me and I was called to a last minute event looking anything but glam.

What “top secret” beauty tips have you learnt from the pro’s?
1. When working on Super Saturday, Supersport – I had to be in the makeup chair at 04h30 – concealer under the eyes and a light white-ish eye shadow/highlighter  dabbed in the inner eyes instantly makes you look wide awake and brightens your eyes.
2. Kerry from Giffarine Make Up used an incredible greenish foundation underneath the normal foundation to combat any redness -especially around the nose and chin area
3. I have combination skin and tend to get really oily on my nose and forehead. I was told to keep Blotting paper with me at all time to remove the shine but without removing the foundation.

You have a big event or photo shoot to attend and you’ve woken up with an even bigger pimple on your face. How do you manage conceal it?
The first thought most of us has is to get rid of it by squeezing it. That can make it worse, especially if you have a big event or photo shoot. It is much easier to conceal a pimple untouched than it is when you’ve squeezed it, made the skin red and inflamed. If you have to squeeze it, make sure you put some disinfectant treatment on immediately. I normally dab some tea tree oil onto the pimple, some oil free moisturiser and then I’ll put concealer onto the spot first, followed by my normal foundation and then a light dusting of powder to set it.

How do you ensure you look your best when you’re really tired and have to keep up appearances?
Make sure you are always hydrated … you quench your skin from within so skin is plump – you can get away with a lot more if your skin is not dehydrated. I never go anywhere without my Vanilla Tea – that always makes me feel fresh and if I have time I sometimes put the cooled tea bags onto my eyes. A fantastic rose water spritz bottle is great to lightly mist your face.

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple sweep of mascara through lashes and a touch of bronzing or peachy blush to your cheeks. It can make anyone look instantly beautiful without looking like you’ve tried very hard – that also helps if you have no time to apply a full face.

Any tricks on making makup last at events?
I normally wear Double Wear Estee Lauder foundation, which is long lasting. I use Studio Fix MAC powder to set my face. If I know it’s going to be a long day or night, I always put foundation on my eyelids and then sweep on my eye shadows. It lasts longer. I adore eye shadows by a GIFFARINE. Their colours are incredible and they last forever. Plus it does help having a true friend who assists. My best girlfriend Karolina has always been fantastic in this way, from a quick: “You’re shiny – here’s some powder…to… You have a sesame seed/piece of seaweed from the sushi in your teeth.” She’s the best 🙂

And to look good on camera?
1. Blotting papers to keep the shine away
2. Studio Fix Mac Powder
3. Lipgloss


Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear in Pale Almond
Eye Shadow: Giffarine eye shadow
Mascara: Maybelline Intense XXL
Lipstick: Rimmel, MAC or Maybelline
Hair Products: L’Oreal Studio Straight Cream, Fast Shampoo by Nissim and any moisturizing treatment is pure bliss too.
Nail Polish: : OPI and Essy … I love playing around with colours. Sometimes I have French, sometimes short square red, corals, pinks, brights … It’s fun and accessorises and outfit
Fragrance: Micheal Kors, Midnight Poison by Dior, DKNY Women, Pure DKNY, DKNY Delicious Night
Body Care: Vanilla Exfoliating scrub by Woolworths, any Body Butter product is amazing – I love the Coconut Moisturising Milk Body Lotion, Bio-Oil

On an average day of the week, how do you wear your makeup? My mom always wore make-up and my fascination for make up started very early. I wear make-up every day – it’s become habit and I love playing around.

And on the weekend? I wear less make-up, unless I’m going out. Normally tinted moisturiser, mascara, eye liner and lipbalm

How do you wear your makeup at events or when you’re going out? My best feature is my eyes so I love to do smokey eyes and nude lips. I’ve tried the nude eye and red lips too but be sure you’re in a confidant mood to pull it off.

What do you love most about makeup and beauty? The packaging, the colours, the names of products, I’m a retailers’ dream when it comes to make-up. I love that make-up enhances women’s natural beauty.

What is the biggest beauty mistake women make? Too much of everything. Choose one focus point. If you’re going to focus on your lips, downplay your eyes and vice versa. Please stop using dark lip liners with a light lipstick. Its very dated. I saw a women using a black eyeliner with a pale pink lipstick the other day. It was cringe worthy. Women also don’t experiment. It’s not permanent so try that lilac eye shadow (for example) – it could look amazing on you and if it doesn’t – it’s really easy to wash it off.

What is your ultimate beauty treat? I treat myself to Biosculpture gel overlays on my nails. I’ve never worn false nails in my life – I’m grateful to my grandmother because I got my strong, fast growing nails from her. I love pedicures, facials and neck and back massages.

To find out more about Bailey, visit her website on www.baileyschneider.co.za or follow her on Twitter @baileyschneider

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