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What a belter!

May 17, 2010

Belts are one of the most important and versatile accessories around, yet a lot of people are at a loss when it comes to wearing them.

The first stop is to get an assortment of belts to choose from; a grey, nude, black, brown and colourful one would be a good place to start. Get a variety of thicknesses’ too; from very wide to skinny and preferably in a high quality material.

Wear your belt over oversized anything;  tunics, dresses, boyfriend shirt dresses.  This will create shape and give you a lovely silhouette (while still hiding the bits you want hidden). Give new life to old cardigans, jerseys and jackets by belting them in and across your body.Just about any look can be shot up a notch or two by adding a belt.

Curvier girls should opt for wider belts that cinch at the waist, or worn empire-style (just below the bust). This takes kilos off immediately and creates a hourglass silhouette, emphasising the waist and removing attention from the tummy and hips. Choose a belt that narrows towards the clasp for an even more slender look. Skinnier girls can be overwhelmed by a belt that is too thick, so stick to slimmer styles in the waist or on the hips.

Waist slung belts are a great way to slim down a look as well as sass one up.  Wear the belt on your hips, with a blouse on type top or tunic, letting a bit of fabric fall over the top of the belt. Ta-da!  Tummy disguised!  And hips minimised!

Belts are so much more than strips of leather to keep your jeans up (although there is a place for this more traditional use too!) Experiment, play and get inspiration from the lovely stylist below, whose blog Wearing It Today always features great ways to change up your outfit with a belt!

For more info on Jenny and her store Friends with Jenny, click here

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  • Roxanne

    Im loving this belt season… It just pulls the outfit together perfectly… I own one too many belts, its actually a sin!! With that being said, i just saw a stunning cerise pink belt and i tried convincing myself i dont need it but its a must have.

  • Jenny

    I’m not sure a girl can have too many belts, scarves and shoes! They all change an ordinary outfit into something completely individual and original.