Style Candy – Undercover agent

Style Candy – Undercover agent

The importance of good underwear cannot be overstated. A bra that’s too big or small can change your shape (for the worse) and make you look fat, or offer no support to “the girls”. Straps that are too tight can cause physiological damage, cutting off circulation and giving you back problems. Lumps and bumps are not acceptable and they ruin the svelte, put together look you’re after.

When choosing undergarmnets, you’ll need to get measured and fitted by a professional. And not every ten years! Your shape (especially if you’ve lost/gained weight, started exercising, gone on the pill or had a baby) changes often – in fact, for most of us monthly. So take yourself off to one of those expensive looking lingerie boutiques and let the lady whip out her measuring tape. She knows what she’s doing  and she’ll direct you to the right style bra for your cup size.

It’s important to remember that although bra sizes are meant to be universal, they do often differ by brand, so find a brand that works for you and stick to it. For me that’s Women’s Secret. I love their basics range – great, seamless everyday bras in beige and white that are so essential. The lacy, pretty, colourful ones are great for that hot date, but don’t work so well if you’re wearing a fitted top to the boardroom.

With the dreaded VPL (visible pantie line) always lurking on the horizon, it very important to wear the right panties for your outfit! Thongs are great (if a little uncomfortable…) for eliminating VPL, while panties can usually be more colourful and playful as they’re less likely to be visible (although you will need flesh coloured basics for light trouser/skirt days).

My rule of thumb with panties is to always buy one size up. That way you get rid of any tight elastic that may dig into your hips and cause mini muffin tops – a sleek silhouette is the answer.

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