The world’s largest shoe gallery

The world’s largest shoe gallery

Every now and again I think I talk too much about shoes. Luckily those thoughts don’t last very long and I’m straight back to babbling about Louboutins and Choos.

One point that has me really talking is the opening of shoe heaven also known as the Selfridges Shoe Gallery.

The British store will officially open the world’s largest shoe department later this week. And it is a beauty. Located on Selfridges’ second floor, the gallery will stock 55 000 shoes at any one time with 4000 shoes on display from 120 labels ranging from Top Shop to Jimmy Choo.

Architect Jamie Forbert is the mastermind behind the galleries and has created a space which incorporates six unique galleries and 11 themed apartments which will play house to luxury shoe labels such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Prada among others. Other features in the gallery include the world’s longest wall of Havianas, a garden and French restaurant Aubaine.

Below are some of the themed apartments.

The Christian Louboutin apartment draws inspiration from the designer’s personal life and influences. His Middle-Eastern passions and inspirations are displayed in the décor alongside some of his personal photographs and holiday souvenirs.

Based on Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment in Paris, the Coco Chanel apartment is pure luxury and even features fabrics from the runway shows.

The Jimmy Choo apartment is based on owner Tamara Mellon’s New York drawing room with hand-painted wallpaper and a gold foil ceiling.

The Prada apartment was inspired by the inside of a jewellery box and is outfitted with cream leather walls inside of the brand’s signature mint green shop interior.

The original House of Dior apartment in Paris served as an inspiration for this ultra-luxe couture gallery.

For the first time, Fendi Casa furniture and décor has been used to adorn the Fendi area. The apartment is based on the Fendi Palazzo in Rome; home to the Italian dynasty.

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