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The new high-waist: yes please or no thanks?

September 28, 2010

We have a soft spot for the new high-waistline. The way it flatters the waist and brings back that ultra-feminine hourglass shape. Not everyone feels the same way though, we found a lot of hate columns online that spoke about their many evils. Weirdly enough most of them were written by men who think that nothing ruins a great butt like a pair of high-waisted trousers.

Courtesy phi s t y l e

But haters aside, it can be a tricky trend. But most tricky trends are worth the effort and there’s nothing better than pulling off a gutsy new look. So, here are a few ways to wear the new waistline and to show off your bod to its full advantage…

Courtesy Daily Mail

–          They need to fit properly around your natural waistline and butt. To find your natural waistline you just need to hold a piece of string around your waist and bend forward and back, the string will sit in your natural waistline.

–          They make your legs look longer, but they can also make your butt look bigger so pick trousers with pockets that sit lower down. A high-waisted pair of trousers with no pockets would make Kate Moss’s bum look big.

–          Tuck in your top but don’t pull it out too much or this’ll create bulk where you don’t want it.

–          Avoid the skinny version if you’re curvy. A full skirt with a high-waist is so much easier to wear and looks feminine and confident.

–          Wear a platform heel with a wide-leg. A skinny leg will look great with flats, but to add more height and to enhance a slender silhouette, go for heels.


Now go forth and rock that high-waisted look. And if you’re already a pro, tell us how you wear yours…

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  • Nokuthula

    I agree that high-waists are tricky, especially because I’m petite. But I love them so I always keep the silhouette simple: a tanktop/fitted shirt loosely tucked in and heels are a must! Looking for new ways to wear it though. Any ideas?

    • Zazat

      hi, where do you buy them in south Africa?

  • Tricky one – I think you’ve got to find the right one for your figure at least. High waisted skirts on the other hand – yes, yes and YES! 🙂

  • I love this trend. Have only found tight fitting ones unfortunately, still looking for looser ones.

  • Emily

    I saw a pair of flared high-waisted sailor trousers in the Vogue a month or two back. They were from Topshop and I’ve commissioned family and friend to go forth and find. No luck so far though… Nokuthula, I think you’ve already found the best way to wear them. Simple on top, so the waistline is the hero. And if you’re petite, always with heels!

  • srevill

    where can i buy high waisted jeans in south africa?????????????

  • ZazaT

    Where can I get high waisted pants in South Africa?