Number one champagne in the world? Yes please!

I was lucky enough to attend the Armand de Brignac tasting last week. I was super excited: number one champagne in the world?  Yes please!

In the Fine Champage 2009 blind-tasting Armand de Brignac beat the usual suspects (Dom Perignon, Cristal, etc) and came out in first place.  Fine Champage Editor-in-Chief Pekka Nuikki had this to say, “Our highest rating went to Armand de Brignac: a fine, smooth and creamy champagne with underlying power and great mineral freshness.

The panel praised the wine for its classic style and perfect drinkability today that does not compromise its aging capacity. It has everything a truly great champagne can offer, and the packaging – the distinctive showy golden “ace of spades” bottle – serves as a brilliant example of  courageous, successful branding.”

What I found most impressive was the personal care and interest taken in each bottle.  There are just eight artisans who are responsible for everything from harvesting to bottling and attaching the pewter labels by hand.  The bottles really are a work of art and a labour of love.  And you can certainly see the difference.

I’m no champagne connoisseur but I do know something delicious when I taste it.  And of course I’ve always been known to have expensive taste!  This isn’t an everyday drinking bubbly (although wouldn’t it be nice?),  but the golden bottle is absolutely worth commemorating once-in-a-lifetime events in a authentically luxurious way.

Look out for the glowing gold bottle at bottle stores, restaurants, bars and clubs near you!

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