Metallic Mirror Nails!

Metallic Mirror Nails!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for a specific shade of silver nail colour for some time now. Not the cloudy silver you find in many of the nail colour brands, but a more shocking kind of silver – call it metallic, tinfoil, reflective or mirror type nails – you know the type Lady Gaga is often seen wearing?

As it turns out, my search was misguided by searching for a “nail polish” and I’m not quite sure how I hit the search jackpot, but what I found was that I should have been searching for adhesive nail wraps. The ones Lady Gaga wears are called Minx, but there’s another brand called SheeKee that offers the same concept and both are available in South Africa!

Last week Wednesday I was lucky enough to find, and even luckier to meet Eleni Fourie who is the official importer for both Minx and SheKee nails in South Africa. She happened to be in Durban on the day and invited me to get my nails done with the SheeKee wraps.

Its been four days since my nail wrap experience and I’ve got to say that I’m loving the look – even more so the attention! Almost every single girl has noticed my nails and stared! The response has been unanimous “wow your nails”, “who did it” “where” “how” and the questions just keep flowing.

So, here’s the whole thing, step by step!

So many choices!

colour craze

The first step is to buff the nails to ensure there is no oil residue which will help the SheeKee nail wrap to stick

Cleaning up the cuticles

The appropriate size is selected from the sheet to fit your nail and removed under a halogen heat lamp

Stick onto the nail, starting at the cuticle

Nail wrap pressed down again under halogen heat lamp to ensure it sticks

Pressing it down to fit into the nail properly

Snipping off the extras

whaddaya think?

Bear in mind that these picks were taken at night and using a flash, so they do look a bit bronze, but here is one of them taken during the day so you can see how fabulous the gold really is…

Although I wanted silver, with it being the most popular colour, Eleni was sold out, so I opted for  gold, which Im really quite happy with as it goes with my ring 🙂

Overall, Im really impressed with the effect and longevity of SheeKee nails. Truth be told, Im quite hard on my nails – hence the reason I keep them shorter – and polish generally only lasts on me for about 3-4 days before the chips creep in. With my SheeKee nail wraps, I’m already on day four and am confident they will last at least seven days!

My SheeKee nails - four days later and still looking fab!

The great thing about SheeKee nails is that they can be applied to natural or artificial nails – and you can even apply them to your natural nail and follow with gel to keep them lasting super long!

To find out more about SheeKee nails and to check out which salons offer them visit Eleni’s website.

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