The Boguslavsky Sisters Guest Blog

The Boguslavsky Sisters Guest Blog

Sister bloggers Marianna and Alla share some of their favourite things in our Guest Blog today.

Foschini aka my new denim heaven is where I managed to find this shirt (I love seasonal sales). I tend to live in my leggings (one of my favourite 1960’s inspired trends) so am always on the lookout for long tops and shirts. This one has a slightly unisex feel to it but when paired with a wide black belt, it becomes more of a fitted shirt.

My second find of the day was at Diva (bless franchises…this jewellery store is like a breath of fresh air for PE). This black voguish ring made me think of old Hollywood glamour so the purchase was a no brainer…I had to have it. Now to get a proper manicure…


I have recently chartered into unfamiliar shopping territory by making a concerted effort to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Earrings? Mastered. Rings? Getting there. Necklaces and bracelets? Novice would probably be too kind. So I was not expecting an easy journey today on my hunt for a silver necklace. But with my sister in PE for the weekend I figured there was strength in numbers.

It started of shaky…there were owls involved..but Diva gave us a gem of a find..the perfect heart necklace! Simple yet funky, this has set me on the right path to being an accessory queen.

I have read that animal prints never go out of style. For me, animal prints have only recently begun to really have an appeal. But I must say, what I have tried on I have really enjoyed. There is something rather striking about wearing a Zebra-print top, it manages to dress up an outfit without even trying. I accessorized this Mr Price top with a belt of my own and created the perfect evening look.

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