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The Fearless Fashionista’s Closet Room Make over Part 3 Or

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So here is part 3 and the last post on my closet room make over. – Jasna

This is the other side of my the room where I have situated my desk and my clothing rail.

I painted the desk white  and added a few personal touches to it.

I love my green mouse pad and my pink mouse.

I decided to move the clothing rail away from the window and put it behind the door.

I hung some of my bags on the door along with my DFC cap.


I put my tripod next to the window so that I can take pics when my photographer is not around and hung more bags on the mirror stand.

I put some of my shoes on top or along side my fashion books to add a quirky touch.



Some of my bags and shoes on the white shelves.

There are 1 or 2 final items I must still find and then my closet room/studio/office room will be complete.