What to wear to The Met?!

What to wear to The Met?!

The J&B Met is all about glamour, networking, fashion and partying. Oh and it’s also about the horse race which happens at 16h20. Note to self: Must remember to watch the race, must remember to watch the race…

Okay, but let’s be honest, it’s mostly about the partying and fashion, which is probably why the J&B Most Elegant Couple competition is such a big deal and why girls like me who never really have major freakouts about what they are going to wear (unless there is a boy involved) have been eating carrots and lettuce leaves, whilst losing their minds trying to figure out what to wear!

This year’s theme is Larger than Life and the press release calls for attendees to bring on the massive outfits, oversized accessories and large hair styles. Can you say pressure and potential to go horribly wrong?

Nevertheless, the afternoon promises to be one filled with some interesting fashion spotting. My camera and I are going to go beserk, just look at the pictures from last year. The boys from Kwela Tebza wearing tangerine coloured shoes and this lady in a gorgeous coloured printed frock. I  am personally going to surprise a few people with my final choice of dress because it’s colourful and Thithi normally doesn’t do colour. Oh the Met… single-handedly the most stressful fashion event for me in a while…

The 34th J&B Met takes place in Cape Town at the Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday 29th January 2011.