Infiniti ESP 2000W HairDryer

Infiniti ESP 2000W HairDryer

Whoever told you all hair dryers were created equal, certainly hasn’t tried out the EHC Infiniti ESP 2000W HairDryer by Carmen. Apart from blasting the hair dry, it has other nifty features; one of my favourites, an ESP auto sensor. What’s that you may ask? Well, its a little sensor on the handle of the hairdryer that when switched on, switches the hair dryer off when you put it down. Yes, you read right! Switches itself off! When you pick it up again, it senses that your hand is holding the dryer and it switches back on – smart hey!

It’s also got a nice, long, 2.5m cord so you can maneuver the dryer easily and another bonus, the three pin plug! We are in SA after all, so can someone please explain to me the need to have annoying 2 pin plugs on appliances?

Get it from: The Retail Price of this baby is R399.99 and its available from Dischem, Makro, Hirsch and Pick n Pay Hypers.

Dimi Ingle

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