Stylish Reading – Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Accessorizing

February 26, 2011

Just got my hands on Jonathan Alder’s book, Happy Chic Accessorizing and feeling very inspired by some of his design ideas. Like most of you that read this blog, I’m no interior decorator, but I do like everything to look like it’s been expertly chosen and placed, whether its makeup, clothes, furniture or the odd vase in the corner.

This book gives lovely ideas on how to place items on your coffee tables, how to decorate your bed and just general stuff on how to make everything look more, well, happy chic!

Conformity is a bore, Jonathan’s mantra is classic foundation, playful punctuation and you’ll find a lot of this in his book.

I’m off to make myself a big ol cup of coffee, put my feet up and and start reading.

Oh, and speaking of coffee…

A little piece of Adler

Jonathan Adler designs and sells a wide range  of cute accessories (among other things via his site), but I do love this stylish, eco coffee cup he designed for Starbucks

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