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Lady Gaga Rocks the Runway

March 8, 2011

Walk, walk, fashion baby! Lady Gaga took to the runway, dressed in the dramatic fashion we have come to expect from the First Lady of pop culture. Gaga made her runway debut at Paris Fashion Week for Thierry Mugler’s brand, Mugler. Gaga was there to support her personal stylist, Nicola Formichetti, who is also Mugler’s Creative Director.

Somehow, Gaga managed to make it down the runway, despite her brutally high platform heels (which had potential for a ‘Naomi Campbell falling incident’ written all over them).

She shimmied as she walked to the tune of her new track, “Government Hooker”, while her new, chart-topping single,”Born This Way” also featured in the Mugler show. The models were dressed in sheer, tight-stretch dresses and also wore vertigo-inducing heels but Lady Gaga upstaged them all.

She wore ear-high eyeliner and thigh-length, blonde, animé-inspired ponytails at the show with black bangs (which she tweeted about).

New, black bangs, as photographed and tweeted by Lady Gaga

At the Mugler after party, held at the famous Maxim’s de Paris Restaurant, Lady Gaga wore a semi-transparent, leopard print bodysuit with shoes measuring 61 centimetres (24 inches) high.

Lady Gaga arrives at the Mugler afterparty

She even managed to make American Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, crack a smile at the show, which no one has seen happen since the year dot.

Images: Getty Images and via www.zimbio.com

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