Meet the New Wonder Woman – Adrianne Palicki

Meet the New Wonder Woman – Adrianne Palicki

The long awaited decision has finally been made! After much anticipation, with even a possible South African Actress (Tanit Phoenix) in the casting finals, NBC has revealed who the new Diana Prince – AKA Wonder Woman will be.

Actress Adrianne Palicki scored the role of the butt kicking, crime fighting, super hot vigilante in a new pilot series from Ally McBeal creator David E. Kelley.

I’m stoked about the show and can’t wait to see the glamazonian princess kick butt! I’m also curious to see how they re-create the 70’s hit. I loved Ally McBeal, so I’m sure Kelley will keep us entertained. Apparently the show will be airing on NBC around September, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on Itunes to see when the download is available.

In the meantime, NBC has released a picture of Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume. I for one think they made an excellent choice! What are your thoughts?

Image (C) Justin Lubin

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