Hair Trends – DIY Pony Tips & Tricks

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We’re excited to bring you our very first, super-duper, eight page pony special today on StyleScoop. Yup, eight pages of pony tips, tricks and inspiration to help you style and rock the perfect must have pony this season.

We’ve gathered all the tips, tricks and how-to’s you need to perfect your haute hair, with expert advice and runway inspiration hot off the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

For a Quick Pony Fix, you need

  1. A good quality paddle brush, which will help you set your hair for the perfect pony tail. I love my Philip Kingsley Paddle Brush.
  2. L’Oreal Professional suggests using hair spray such as L’Oreal Fixing Mist on the brush “to keep hair from being static and to get that really sleek tight look”.
  3. Texture, texture, texture. Sebastian Professional Microweb Fiber is a re-mold-able, supple texturiser that creates silky definition and has been designed to weave a 3D weightless net into hair for flexible and touchable movement
  4. For styling those ends, of course, every girl needs her ghd.



Steal Megan Fox’s haute hair with this step by step guide from ghd


Take a horseshoe section on the top of the head, separate the top section  from above your ears backs and clip this up and out of the way. Take the rest of the hair and separate into two sections: one from the ears down and one smaller section at the nape of the neck.  Take the middle section and scrape this back, and put up into a ponytail with an elastic band the same colour as your hair.  You should now have three sections: one on top, the section around the middle which has been tied back into a ponytail and a small section at the back/ nape of the neck area.


Step 1:

Start by creating vertical curls on second section in the ponytail.  To create the curl, insert the styler vertically into the hair, close the styler and turn 180 degrees before pulling your styler through the length of the hair.   Remember to hold the hair in your other hand the whole time.  NOTE: The quicker you pull the styler, the looser the curl will be & the slower you pull your styler through, the tighter your curl will be.


Step 2:

Take the section on top of the head and create horizontal curls all going backwards. insert the styler horizontally into the hair, close the styler and turn 180 degrees before pulling your styler through the length of the hair.   These should be quite tight. See step 1 for hints on how to create tighter curls.


Step 3:

Once completed, tease the curled area of the top section with a comb to create height. Blend this in with the ponytail section by draping it around the elastic band if hair is long enough or for shorter hair, by fastening above the elastic band with hair pins to match your hair colour.  Loosely ruffle hair up with your fingers.


Step 4:

Take the small section left over in the nape of the neck and wrap this around the elastic as well and fasten the end at the elastic band with a hair pin out sight under the pony tail.

If the hair is quite long, you can position this to sweep down over one shoulder