Your Guide to a Thirty, Flirty & Fabulous Body

Your Guide to a Thirty, Flirty & Fabulous Body

The thought of turning thirty is scary! But, when you actually get to thirty, it’s not so bad, provided you’ve got a little help to keep your face and body looking younger. Having recently hit the big Three-0 myself, I’ve got the inside scoop on what products can help your body look younger for longer.

Of course, you should never be without a good diet and regular exercise routine, but here are some products you can stock up on that will help your skin stay thirty, flirty and fabulous… Tried, Tested and Loved (of course)…

Wash up smart
I love Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash (R265 for 237ml) because it gives you a good ol-clean without the soap. Yep, it’s soap free so it cleans the skin without stripping away moisture. It’s also loaded with purifying essential oils of Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, which all work together to invigorate the skin.

Get oiled
I’ve always been a fan of Bio Oil (R49.99 for 60ml). Everyone knows when you burn or scar yourself, reach for the Bio Oil. But, this powerful oil is also a great all-rounder for your skin too, offering an intense moisture power surge. Now you don’t have to get all oiled up to enjoy the benefits, simply add a drop into your daily bath and that’s all you need.

Circular motions baby, circular motions
The dreaded word… cellulite. Ladies, whether you’ve got it or not, you should be doing everything you can to prevent/ avoid/ get rid of it. That means, a good clean diet, plenty of water, regular exercise and massaging your cheeks – butt cheeks that is. The famous glove by Elancyl is a must for every woman. Use the Elancyl Activ’ Massage Minceur in your shower or bath and kiss those dimples good bye!

Demolish your dimples
While John Travolta’s dimple is sexy and Jennifer Garner’s ones are cute, the ones on your butt dont’ share the same “awww” reaction, more like “ewwww”! But, fear not, there’s new treatment out there from Elancyl called Offensive Cellulite (R400). This 14 day treatment kisses dimples good riddance by smoothing, re-sculpting and ensuring long lasting results for up to 1 month. Hurruh.

Inject to shape up
Nope, I’m not talking major cosmetic surgeries here ladies. I’m talking about the fabulous “injection” from Clarins. Add an injection of Clarins Body Shaping Supplement (R540 for 25ml in two vials) to your regular moisturizer and watch it smooth away sponginess. It does this by blocking the formation of new adipocytes. Overall, it helps to tone the skin, slows down fat storage and increases blood circulation.I love it!

Finishing touches
Hydrated skin = happy, healthy skin. Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream (R315 for 237ml) is a great cream for all over your body. Use it day or night (or both) and it’s non greasy formula means you don’t have to wait ages before dressing. Your skin soaks it up and its full of plant extracts that moisturize your skin to happiness.

Dimi Ingle

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