Smart, easy ways to store your makeup

Smart, easy ways to store your makeup

Makeup is one of those things you want to be able to find quickly and easily. You don’t want to spend an hour looking for your favourite lip gloss or digging through messy drawers to find your fave mascara to finish off a simple look, so what do you do?

Today, I’m going to share some smart, easy and very do-able ways to store your makeup so that you can access your stash in no time flat.

My makeup setup – all pretty, pretty and so easy to get to

How to store eye shadows and powders

When storing eye shadows and powders, you want to be able to see what you’ve got at one quick glance. I find the best way store these is to lie them flat so you can see the colour pots.

These little guys are amazeballs! You can store your makeup how ever you want, by colour, by looks or how I have, by brand. I got these drawers from Builders Warehouse (how fabulous – not) but they are the best! I’ve seen them at Game too, and CNA have smaller ones so go check it out.

The drawers hold a surprisingly large number of eye shadow and blusher pots and I’ve still got space for more, more, more 🙂

There are five drawers and the top one has a flap, allowing you to store larger pots. I use this one store all my MAC pigments and liquid liner pots. There’s also two slots at the back which I use to store my fave palette collections.

How to store lip glosses, lipsticks and eye pencils

Storing glosses, lipsticks and eye liners can be a pretty tricky situation. I had tried quite a few different ways to store mine, but none of them worked well. Then I found a great system thanks to video blogger TiffanyD and it’s so easy! You can find the containers anywhere, although I did have to hunt for exactly what I was looking for.

Here I’ve stored my pencils, glosses and lipsticks each in their own container and stacked them next to each other, on their side. If you look closely you’ll see the containers are just pencil holders with divisions in them and instead of having them stand upright, I’ve put them on their side which makes finding what I’m looking for sooooo easy!

I’ve stored them so that the colour sticks out a bit. I tell you, for my eyeliners, I’m only going to be buying retractable pencils from now so they can look neater, but my lipsticks fit perfectly into this cube note holder.

How to store brushes

I had been looking for one of these fella’s for the longest time. I simple little basket with four compartments and a handle. I first spotted this idea from my mother in law (go MIL) and have been trying to track one of them down ever since.

It’s the smartest way to store all your hair brushes and then just use the handle for hair clips (smart hey!). I don’t have that many brushes just a few combs, two brushes and then my big curl brush, so I had extra space to stick my ghd in there too.

How to store foundations and stuff you use

Now I have a lot of different types of foundation, so I don’t have them all out in front of me, but I do have the ones I use all the time, together with some must haves like my MAC Fix+ spray, my ghd Smoothing balm, my MAC brushes and my Rapid Lash on this little tray on my dresser.

These little tricks, that really didn’t cost much and are so easy to DIY have really made it so much nicer to sit and do my makeup and get a little adventurous with looks, now that I have more at my disposal.

For more smart storage tips, check out my closet room and how to make your own



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