Say Hello to the New Skinny Jean

Say Hello to the New Skinny Jean

While I will be forever faithful to my Demi Curve skinnies, these new 8th Wonder Jeans from Sissy Boy are mighty fabulous and I do feel the need to cheat on my Demi Curves every now and then.

What’s so special about these jeans? Well they are not quite jeans, and they are not quite jeggings either, they are just so cool, they need thier own category! If you’re looking for a pair of jeans to wear with boots or ones that really hug and show off those sexy legs, then the Sissy Boy 8th Wonder jeans are your ticket to denim delight.

I loved the idea of Jeggings, you know a legging slash jean, but I never found a pair that fitted properly. All the ones I tried were too uncomfortable on the legs and too big on the waist. The crotch would sit far too low and when I bent down… well, plumbers butt! Not a good look! The 8th Wonder jeans are super comfortable and super flattering. They are silky soft and let you move with ease – no more feeling restricted in your jeans.

Double stitching using special needles and thread

Sissy Boy says their 8th Wonder is “literally ‘stretch’ in supernatural proportions” and until you put these jeans on, it’s hard to explain and understand the amazing stretch. Standard stretch denim consists of between 8 to 15% denim. In 2010 Sissy Boy launched a range of stretch jeans, Sissy Boy Mega Stretch which had 35% denim and now the 8th Wonder Jeans offer a massive 100% stretch denim.

100% stretch denim, through and through

The technology is so advanced that the 8th Wonder denim needs specialized needles and threads, the same kind that is used for swimwear. It allows the fabric to move with ease and for you, amps up your confidence!

The 8th Wonder jeans come in three sizes; 1 for traditional 4-8 sizes, 2, for traditional 10-12 and 3 for 14+ and are available exclusively in Sissy Boy stores at the V&A Waterfront, Cavendish Square, The Zone in Rosebank, The Pavillion and Gateway stores and will retail for R799.00

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If you’ve got a pair of these jeans, comment below and tell us what you think. If not, we suggest you go try them out, you’ll fall in strech denim love with them!


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