Looking good while pregnant

Looking good while pregnant

Being ‘in the family way’ I am abnormally interesting in celebs that are too… pregnancy style is never really something you think about until you get knocked up and then, with a growing sense of panic, you realise that if you don’t do something soon, or get some help from somewhere, you’re going to end up looking like those pregnant women you’ve walked past in the mall who’ve made you think “I’ll NEVER look like that when I’m pregnant”.

It’s true, I’ve been there…

Luckily for me, I happened to be pregnant at the same time as a whole host of gorgeous celebrities who have been snapped and papped in various stages of gestation. Some do it so well, while others really look like they couldn’t care less (I’m talking to you Alicia Silverstone…)

Not great Alicia, not great at all

On the up side, I have had VB and the gorgeous Selma Blair to garner inspiration from, just to name two. Now you either lean more towards one than the other. You’re either a 5-inch heel, all in black kinda girl, or you’re floaty and boho chic… I am more on the Selma end of the scale and I have been smitten with so many of her looks over the last few months.

Selma Blair showing us how it's done...

However VB has to be applauded, yes, she’s done it three times before but never so elegant and so seemingly effortless – during her pregnancy with Brooklyn it was all combat trousers and crop tops. Am sure she shudders at the thought now. This time around, rumour has it, Christian L is making her heels with a special built in platform so she doesn’t have to give them up while carrying baby. Class.

VB elegant in black

Three cheers for these women who are showing the world that it’s not all elasticated waists and crocs during pregnancy. It’s a new phase where you can explore options that look great on your new body.

Now all I have to worry about is that Victoria is having her daughter five days before I have mine… lets hope she doesn’t nick my baby name!

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