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New Range – Acquizhen Organic Skincare

June 2, 2011

I can’t say I’m a big fan of organic skincare. Don’t get me wrong, its great for your skin and the environment etc, but a lot of the products I’ve sampled really haven’t impressed me that much, probably because I can’t get passed the icky scent of a lot of them. This new range of organic skincare from Aquizhen however, is probably one of the nicest organic ranges I’ve tried, and it actually smells good.

The ingredients in Aquizhen are naturally sourced, certified organic and backed by research based on Derma-Research-Laboratories-Dr. med. Erich Schulte. The skincare range consists of a Freshening Cleanser, Replenishing Day Cream, Eye & Delicate Skin Serum, Nurturing Night Cream, Gentle Exfoliating Mask and Organic Soap.

I do love the Gentle Exfoliating Mask. When you put it on your skin it feels like it’s heating up your face, and when you wash it off after 10 minutes you can feel how your pores have been revitalized. It does leave the skin red for a little bit, but it’s not sore or uncomfortable at all and goes away shortly after.

It’s job is to protect against anti aging, revitalize and improve microcirculation and the exfoliating particles help to remove dead skin cells.

Another favourite is their Sunrise Organic Soap. Rich, creamy and smells-so-good, it’s packed with Cocoa Butter with a scent of Sweet Orange and Ginger. 99% of the ingredients are organic and it’s totally indulgent.

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