We are the caped crusaders

We are the caped crusaders

This winter we are loving the cape. Liza started our obsession by taking the dive and buying a hooded, military-style version on ASOS. It took about 4 weeks to arrive and when it did it was like Christmas. Going to fetch it from the post office, taking it home, unwrapping it… it was a moment.

Every time she wears it, it’s like that moment all over again. So I was jealous and also clearly had to have my own cape moment, which¬†finally came true when my mum got back from the UK on Saturday with a gorgeous, dusty lilac version with double-breasted buttons and a belt. It’s perfect for my current baby bump and will be perfect afterwards. Well done mum.

Pics from lululabella.wordpress.com, asos.com

The beauty of the cape is that it’s so versatile. You can wear it over a short skirt or shorts with stockings, or skinny jeans and heels. It’s the kind of item that can get thrown over anything and complete an outfit. Liza wore hers to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, paired with a gorgeous LBD from Afraid of Mice and a very high pair of heels, it took the look to another level. I’ve been wearing mine with leggings and brogues mainly.

If you’re worried that the shape will make you look bulky, then pair it with a fitted pencil skirt or slim-fitted trousers and heels. A hip length cape worn with a pair of flared trousers is also super chic. Am looking forward to trying that look out…

So, forget superheroes and medieval knights, the cape is a must have winter item. If you’ve seen any in SA that are worth mentioning, please do let us know below, we’d love to get some ideas where to pick one up locally… otherwise, there’s always the internet, UK winter mark downs and a credit card…

Liza West & Emily Pettit-Coetzee (I Heart Your Outfit)

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