Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

What do you carry inside your gym bag? I don’t usually shower at the gym, I prefer to go, get my workout done and then shower at home. I’m lucky I guess, I’m sure many would prefer it that way.

However, if you absolutely have no choice but to shower at the gym, or you prefer it, here are some gym bag essentials for you…

In the shower: Those gym body washes are super gross! It’s like applying household cleaner to your body – EWWWW. I found a product that is awesome for your gym bag. Nivea Double Effect Shower and Shave is like a shower gel and shower shave in one. You can use it all over and it leaves skin silky smooth and smelling fresh, plus no need to carry shaving cream as well.

On your body: I’ve always been a fan of Mitchum deodorants. They really do help keep you smelling good all day long. Depending on what you prefer to use, the anti-perspirant Deoderant Aerosol or the Power Gel roll-on, these are both great products.

On your hair: Sweating it out in the gym can dry your hair out. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Wella SP Hydrate and a leave-in-conditioning treatment and all round miracle product like Sebastian Potion 9 Lite.

For your joints: Aching joints are just not fun, so keep backup products at hand for those hectic gym sessions. Vitaderm Muscle Relief Gel helps to ease aching muscles and is especially good for a sore neck, back and even menstrual pains. Jen-Til Joints Special Cream is another fabulous muscle relief cream that helps to comfort and warm aching joints.

For your feet: If you’re showering at the gym, you want to avoid athletes foot and picking up other shower-prone nasties. Pedi Relax Protection cream is great for keeping your feet healthy with an anti-rubbing, second-skin effect.

For your Face: Lip gloss is always a must and this one from Labello, Natural Volume is great to help keep lips moisturized while adding a sheer tint of pretty pink. If you’re covering imperfections and just can’t do without foundation, Revlon ColourStay Active lets you get on with your day without budging, and is ideal for working out. It’s sweat proof and oil free and looks natural and fresh.

What products to you carry in your gym bag?


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