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Welcome to the first of our multi-part blog series, focusing on our very favourite, local fashion style bloggers. This series is not about fashion bloggers, but more about those trendy gals who blog about their style, sharing photographs of their lives and taking us on their fashion journey.

Who: Vanessa da Silva
What: Glam Fashion Princess

I love Vanessa’s blog because as you can see, this gal has chic, sophisticated style that anyone can pull off! I love how she adds an element of “bling” to each outfit and doesn’t she just have the most amazing hair?

Vanessa is a Pretoria girl who says Kim Kardashian is her style icon. When she’s not blogging Vanessa works as an Integrated Marketing Co-ordinator in the motor industry.

Tell us about your blog
My blog is about fashion, my random thoughts, likes as well as my travels and occasional baking. My doggie Rocco has a guest appearance once and a while.

Why did you start blogging?
I was inspired by other bloggers and for the LOVE of fashion!

Tell us about your style
I dont have a specific style,i am inspired by my fellow fashionistas,I don’t really follow trends, I tend to go with what suits my body and what makes me feel comfortable. Oh and I love BLING 🙂 (we noticed V! ☺)

What are your top 5 key items for this season?

  1. BOOTS
  2. Scarves
  3. Coats
  4. Stockings (with dots, hearts, lines) and
  5. Glove

Favourite fashion brands?
Guess, Gucci, Gavin Rajah

Comment below and tell us what you think of Vanessa’s style and if you’re already a fan of her blog.


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