A day at the One & Only with Ponds

A day at the One & Only with Ponds

Last week Thursday I was flown to Cape Town’s One & Only Hotel to attend the launch of some new goodies from Pond’s – a skincare brand that has been around for what seems to be a million years.

Sitting amongst a room full of beauty nerds A.K.A Bloggers, we were introduced to the brand by Pond’s Brand Manager Jill Mulligan .We learnt all about the brand, like for instance that it was established in 1846. And that it was first developed by a pharmacist who created a Cleansing Solution. In 1905 and the brand started to take a more serious look at beauty by pioneering it’s Cold Cream. Today it’s re-launching itself into the market with two pretty cool ranges.

One of the ranges new to Pond’s is Flawless Radiance. This pretty packaged, pink and white range consists of an Even Tone Facial Foam, Bright and Fresh Even Tone Toner, Visible Even Tone Day Cream, Visible Even Tone Daily Lotion, Anti-Spot Intensive Even Tone Serum and Re-Brightening Night Treatment.

Affordable so anyone can have good skin, this range starts at R49.99 for the Even Tone Facial Foam or the Toner and only R89.99 for the Anti-Spot Even Tone Serum. The Day Cream, Night Cream and Daily Lotion are R76.99 each. Now that’s what I call bargain beauty!

The second range that we were introduced to is, more my kinda skin care! I prefer the look of Age Miracle, and I do like the concept behind using CLA as an ingredient. I know that CLA is excellent for your skin. I don’t however like the taste or rather the way it repeats on me when I take it, so I love that it’s been added to creams instead. You can actaully smell the CLA in the product, althougth it’s not strong and somehow, oddly pleasant.

This range is slightly more exensive than Flawless Radiance, but when you consider how much more it has to offer, it’s still reasonably inexpensive. The Facial Foam and the Toner each cost R84.99 each, while the Day Cream, Night cream and Eye Cream each go for R129.99. The serum retails at R149.99.

One of the things that really had me and all the other bloggers impressed was the eye cream from the Age Miracle range. I’ve never seen anything like it and it is such a clever idea! Inside, the package is split in two, one one side an eye cream and on the other an eye gel! Genius

Stay tuned as we’ve got some Guinea pigs lined up to try both these ranges for two weeks and report back. If you’re currently using any of these or any other Pond’s products, please comment and let us know. We’d love to hear what you think.

And, as always here are some pics from the day for you to enjoy

MMMM! A deeee-licious coffee, made One&Only Style
Happy Blogger food 🙂
Trying out all the products. The top on is the Age Miracle Day Cream. On the left is Concentrated Resurfacing Serum and on the right, Night Repair. All from the Age Miracle Range
The One & Only Spa is beautifully decorated
Sitting opposite me, the fabulous Eloise. My beauty blogger bud

A beauty demonstration done on both ranges for us to enjoy

Some products from the Age Miracle range used in the Spa Demo


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