OptiPhi Protect the Canvas

OptiPhi Protect the Canvas

Now you all know I love OptiPhi products. They are in my opinion, the best ever skincare products and I’m totally hooked on them. They are also produced in South Africa, which makes them even better!

A new product I’ve been using is the OptiPhi Protect The Canvas high protection sun screen with an SPF of 30.

Created for “Fighting Photo-Aging”, this product is not only brilliant at keeping your skin protected – yes, even in winter – but I love how it feels on. It’s totally grease free and the texture is great, it even works well as a primer before foundation application.

OptiPhi Protect The Canvas contains actives that:

  • Provide broad UV protection through the use of a combination of UV filters
  • Promote protection against DNA damage induced by UV radiation
  • Minimize the effects of sun induced skin aging by promoting correct skin function and repair
  • Assist with the prevention and reduction of free-radicals

I’m using it daily, together with my OptiPhi Complexion Control moisturizer, which together, help protect skin that’s easily damaged by the sun.

For more information on this and other OptiPhi products call +27 12 667 6244/3, email info@optiphi.com or visit the website: www.optiphi.com

Dimi Ingle

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