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Celeb Fragrance Alert: Biebs, Taylor and Christina

July 19, 2011

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise but Justin Bieber’s fragrance, “Someday”, has been flying off the shelves and has already brought in a jaw-dropping $3 million in sales in less than three weeks, breaking Beyonce’s “Heat” record sales which reached the same $3 mill in a month.

Meanwhile, country cutie Taylor Swift is getting ready for her fragrance debut. Her signature scent will be called “Wonderstruck”, referencing lyrics from her song, “Enchanted”. She teams up with cosmetic giant, Elizabeth Arden, in the development of the fragrance, which is described as “a gourmand floral, designed to appeal to not only her tastes but to her fanbase”.

Image via www.eonline.com

“Wonderstruck” will have top notes of freesia, green tea and apple blossom and the bottle will combine a few of Taylor’s favourite things, such as purple, a Moravian star and the number 13.

Christina Aguilera fragrance fans can also look forward to another fragrance notch in Christina’s belt later this year, called “Secret Potion”.

Christina Aguilera's upcoming "Secret Potion" campaign pic

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  • abby_buchanan

    Is it only me, or are others also turned off from buying a fragrance if it has a celeb name attached to the project, as I feel the money all goes into marketing and paying the celeb rather then quality ingredients and developing a good product. Celeb fragrances usually wear off much faster than the designer ones.


  • Varsha Naidu

    I guess it depends with which fragrance house they sign with- Coty and EA are the good ones, but the KIm K fragrance was abysmal- very very musky! ugh ugh and it lingered for hours… not good! I like the RIhanna one and the Halle one.. Very wearable and not in your face scents. Britney’s fragrances are also quite nice… I am not sure if I will share a scent with Taylor Swift:)

  • All these choices………..