Say hello to the new range from ghd

Say hello to the new range from ghd

Yesterday I got to meet the lovely Janlyn from ghd for a quick cup of coffee and to check out the new range of products from ghd. I was already quite a fan of their old Thermodynamics range, and while I’m saddened that it will soon be replaced, it makes it all better to know that the new contenders are even better than before. So far, I’ve only tried out the new Style Curl Hold Spray on my hair, and if this one is anything to go by, then I’m almost sure Ill be a devotee of the new range pretty soon!

So what’s new?

Well, pretty much everything! The new range has a whole new look; it’s sleek, sexy and very glamorous, it actually looks like a ghd product! The range comprises of 10 products aimed specifically at helping you style your hair. No more Shampoos, Condtioners and Treatments, ghd has invested all their energy into a high performance styling range. It’s ideal for use with the ghd hair straightener, or any other heat tool in fact.

Every product in this new range has been re-devloped, and re-formulated to give you the very best. According to Janlyn, everything you loved about the old Thermodynamics range has been used, and everything you didn’t like has been removed. Made in the UK, the  new ghd Heat Protection System even has its own delicious scent, developed exclusively by an international fragrance house to ensure you have sensual smelling hair. It smells sooooo good!

The best part about this new range is how easy it is to use. Everything has been colour coded for your unique needs and packaged in this beautiful ghd branded bottle. All the applicators are sprays, which means no more pump action or cream application. This makes life a whole lot easier, and a lot easier to use the products.

The Heat Protection System

The purple products (left) have been designed for creating volume. Included are two products; ghd Style Root Lift Spray  and ghd Style Total Volume Foam. Style Root Lift spray is basically the updated, reformulated and even better version of the old Thermodynamics Uplift Spray, while the Style Total Volume Foam has replaced the ghd Mousse. Janlyn says that the foam is so much better than the mousse because it gives you better hold and it’s far less sticky.

The emerald green selection is for sleek and straight looks. There are three products in this one, ghd Style Straight and Smooth for normal to fine hair, ghd Style Straight and Smooth for thick/ coarse hair and ghd Style Straight and Tame Cream. If you loved the old ghd Obedience cream you will love these!

The silver products are  is designed to help fix everything in place. The ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray comes in two sizes; the mega salon size can as well as a smaller can for on the go touch-ups – a perfect little can for your handbag.

The classic black product is for protection. Yes, one heat protecting product for all hair types! The ghd Heat Protection System is a new lightweight spray that will leave your hair looking and feeling smoother for longer.

Blue is for super shine and includes a lightweight serum, ghd Style Smooth and Finish Serum and a finishing spray, ghd Style Final Shine Spray.

Pink is for curls and includes one product, Style Curl Hold Spray , suitable for all hair types and helps keep curls looking bouncy for longer. This is the one I got to sample and I’m very impressed! Its completely non sticky and works wonders on curls. Ill do a full review on it soon and show you the picture of my finished look, it will blow you away!

The new range is set to launch in stores in August 2011

Ohhh, and I also got a touch-feel-and-drool-sneak-peek at the up and coming 2011 Limited Edition styler for breast cancer awarness. If you’re saving up for your ghd, this would be the styler to blow your bucks on. Its absolutely gorgeous. Without revealing too much, I am going to tell you it’s all about peek a boo lace and hot pink….

Stay tuned


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