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Clip in hair extensions – Review on Long Hair

July 27, 2011

Although my hair is already pretty long, sometimes I wish it could just be fuller and more glamorous you know! So, when I discovered clip in hair extensions, it was to say the least, love at first clip.

I must admit, I was sceptical about these at first, I did’nt think they would hold on my hair as its super straight and very soft, but I am very impressed. I love my clip in hair extensions.

Take a look…

My hair before clip in hair extensions

As you can see my hair is a pretty decent length, but who can so no to more long locks?

My hair with the hair extensions clipped in

Check out the transformation from the picture above. The clip in hair extensions have blended beautifully with my own hair – you can’t even tell the difference! I put these in myself (without being able to see the back of my head) and it took me about 7 minutes to get them all in there. My hair is pretty layered at the back, so I do have odd strands sticking out, but when I pull all my hair to the side or keep it all back (with no pieces in front) you can’t even see where my own hair ends.

A view from the side

Extensions are in - no sign of the clips

My biggest concern was that the clips would stick out, but check this out – no sign of the clips a the top or when I lift my hair up.

No sign of the clips under the hair either

So now I’m sure you’re dying to know how it all works. Let me show you…

With hair extensions like these from, who were kind enough to send me a set to review, you get eight pieces of hair, all of which are 100% real human Remy hair. You get 1 piece that has four clips attached, 2 with three clips attached, 3 with two clips attached and finally 2 strips with one clip attached. It’s a lot of hair, even though it looks like a little when you bundle them together.

On my hair I used only a few pieces because it’s naturally very fine. I started by applying the a strip with 2 clips attached to the bottom of my head, let some hair fall over it then applied another strip the same above it. Again, I let some of my own hair fall and applied the strip with three clips. On the sides, to fill in the “blanks” I applied the strip with a single clip on either side. Leaving out the third strip with three two clips, the second strip with three clips and the strip with 4 clips.

The clips are awesome. They open up by bending and then you attach to your hair and clip them down. The clips have little strips of silicone which ensures a good grip onto your hair.

The clip opens like this

and closes like this

When you apply them and look closely like the pic below, they look a bit messy, but when your hair falls over them, you don’t see them at all. The higher up you apply them to the crown, the greater your chances of seeing them sticking out, so that’s why I kept my clips minimal.

If you have thicker hair than mine you could probably get away with applying more strands. Mine is very straight so too many clips = a sneak peek at my secret and we don’t want that!

Underneath, it looks a little untidy, but nobody sees it and although my hair is super soft the clips stayed put

Because these are 100% real human hair you can style them as you would your own hair. That means, curling, straightening andΒ  cutting etc. As with your own hair though, you do have to look after them to ensure they last a really long time. You wash them using normal shampoo, conditioners and you can even use treatment masks. When curling and straightening, be sure to use heat protecting products as well.

You don’t need to wash them every day, but ideally you should give them a wash every 2 weeks, more if you use them every day.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this and if you wan’t to add some va-va-voom to your locks give them a try.

The ones fromΒ cost only R950 for a set which is more than reasonable. They come in various shades to suit your colour and you can buy them quickly and easily online. I ordered mine and got them the next day, which is a huge bonus as nobody likes to wait.

If you can’t match your colour exactly, you can dye these clip in hair extensions as well. So go wild, have a ball and be the belle of the ball

To see how these work for shorter hair, watch out for the review posted on StyleScoop tomorrow!

And for those of you that are interested, my colour was Chestnut Brown #6

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  • Deidre Nicole


    Thanx for this article, information is power these days. Im going to buy a set from them this week and am just wondering, seeing as though you wore them, how do the extensions hold up to brushing? Do they sag or get stuck in brush?

    • They dont sag or get stuck in the brush. The hair is very good quality and doesnt knot easily which is great! You dont brush on the clip part though, only the hair

  • Maym

    that is fabulous news! i have a problem with hair loss and thinnig hair.. if you know of nay great products please let me know. thanks

  • Pookie

    Hi I just wanted to ask since it is 2012 how are your extentions holding up? Have you tried the wavy ones or only the straight extentions?

  • Hi Pookie! They are still looking as fabulous as day one! Remember they are clip in so they dont stay in all the time, I only use them on occasion.

    They are straight, but you can curl them just like normal hair as they are real hair πŸ™‚

  • Sukre

    Hi there.i would like to know where I could get these exyensions from and what they cost.I am based in Cape Town.