Clip in hair extensions – Review on Short Hair

Clip in hair extensions – Review on Short Hair

If you’ve got shorter hair but want to add length, you can do it in a flash with Clip in Hair Extensions. To demonstrate this I used my buddy ol’ pal and regular beauty guinea pig for StyleScoop, Louise.

Louise's short hair before clip in hair extensions

Now Louise has very short hair that is also layered, so transforming her short hair into long strands was bound to be difficult. Difficult, but not impossible 🙂

Louise with her LONG clip in hair extensions

Because Louise’s hair was so short we had to come up with another way to make it longer. So instead of applying the clips and letting it loose as I did with mine, we styled hers a bit, adding a cute flower brooch that helped to tuck in the bits of hair that were sticking out. She pulled it all to one side to keep it looking sleek.

All it takes is a little imagination and cute flower brooch

On the opposite side Louse plaited her hair, letting the hair fall to one side only.

Think out of the box

How cute and clever is this? So see, even if your hair is super short, you can make it super long with some hair tricks.

Although Louise’s hair colour is quite different to mine, with all the highlighted bits, the colour at the bottom was very similar to the chestnut colour hair extensions that I used, so we used the same set from

TIP: When choosing a shade of hair extensions to match your colour, try to get one thats close to the bottom colour of you hair, as this is what blends in with the extensions.

To read my review on using clip in hair extensions on long hair, click here and be sure to check out for more information and how to get your hands on your very own set!


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