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La Brasiliana Uno & Due After Keratin Treatment

July 29, 2011

To keep your La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment lasting longer, while at the same time protecting your hair, these two products will help you get there.

The La Brasiliana Uno Keratin After Treatment Shampoo is made to work with the treatment, helping to enhance Keratin and keep Collagen locked into the hair.

The La Brasiliana Due Keratin After Treatment Conditioner is a great alternative to conditioner and leaves your hair silky smooth, soft and manageable.

Both products smell great and are Sodium Free. They are also suitable for all hair types.

For more information on the La Brasiliana Keratin Treatment, click here

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  • Aditi Rughubar

    I’ve tried the shampoo and conditioner, and yes, it makes your keratin treatment last longer, but now I find its giving me an itchy, dandruff scalp! I look disgusting with dandruff flakes:(

  • Nortynadz

    The treatment didnt last long in my hair didnt liek it much .Nadia

  • Nortynadz

    The treatment didnt last long in my hair didnt liek it much .Nadia

  • Farah

    Absolutely loved the product, my hair was done by stunning hair dressers in Cape Town in a salon called the reeds. My Brazilian is still going after 3 months, and so is the after products, I literally wash my hair 3 times a week and have no fuss with fizziness etc. I am now looking for the product in pretoria. Different strokes for different folks I guess. farah