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Enjoy long lasting colour thanks to Scott Cornwal

August 22, 2011

The colour magician that allows you to bring the salon home, @ScottCornwall not only has the ultimate product to help you remove unwanted colour, but he’s also got two fabulous products that are ideal for using before you colour and afterwards, to keep your colour locked-in and looking radiant.

Last week I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to change my red hair with copper highlights to more of a lighter brown than my natural colour, mixed with golden honey highlights. Before applying the colour, and for about two days before my Louise coloured my hair, I started using Scott Cornwal B4 U Colour. This product works as a clarifying shampoo, removing colour build up and silicones, to ensure that your hair colour gets absorbed easier and more effectively.

It’s a great product and I’ve got it in my shower at the moment, so that I can use it when I feel my hair is very heavy. It deep cleanses the hair, removing all residues and silicone deposits and is pH buffered to ensure the best possible condition of your hair prior to colour treatment.

After my colour application, I used Scot Cornwal Colour Stop instead of a conditioner on my hair. This product works by locking in your hair colour while it protects your hair after a colour application.

Again, this product remains in my shower, and I’m using it every few days instead of a conditioner to keep my hair colour rich and vibrant. My hair has amazing shine and the colour looks great and really well blended.

Thanks Scott Cornwall for bringing the salon home!

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