Four Sensational Products from Dr Rey Sensual Solutions

Four Sensational Products from Dr Rey Sensual Solutions

As you know @RobertReyMD was recently in South Africa promoting his new skincare range Dr Robert Rey Sensual Solutions.

I got to meet the man himself and find out what makes his range so unique. But it’s one thing to hear the information and sample the products on your hand, and very different when it comes to trying them out for a period of time. I got to sample a few products from his new line for a week and I’m already hooked on four winners!

Sensual Solutions Inhibitox™ (second from left)
I was keen to try this cream the moment I heard Dr Rey talking about it. It’s an instant wrinkle filler that helps erase fine lines by partially paralysing the mimetic, or facial expression muscles.

All I can say for this cream is OMG! What an amazing product. It worked INSTANTLY by filling in the fine lines on my forehead and making the skin on my forehead appear much smoother. While I’ve never had botox, I can’t compare this cream to it, but it did leave my forehead feeling more relaxed (not numb). It contains a unique combination of ingredients including GABA, naturally derived from tomato extract, which penetrates deep into the skin intercepting nerve impulses and relaxing the underlying muscles. In just 10 minutes you’ll see an immediate difference that lasts up to 24 hours and longer with repeated use.

This cream works both short term (and I can vouch for it) and long term by reducing fine lines and wrinkles by over 50%. Think about it, the less you pull your face into all those expressions, the less chances those wrinkles have of becoming stronger and staying longer.

Sensual Solutions Face Up to It™ (third from left)
This is a rather unusual cleanser but one that has great benefits. I say unusual because with most cleansers the drill is to wet your face, apply the cleanser, lather and rinse. With Sensual Solutions Face Up to It you are not supposed to lather it in. To use this product, you apply a thin lather on the face (without rubbing it in), leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse off. The cleanser contains it’s own “fizzing” element that cleans your face without you having to touch it.

It left my skin feeling really fresh and revitalized and like Dr Rey said, my skin felt very moisturized after. Although, I always use moisturizer and of course, so should you. While it removed my makeup (foundation and blush etc) with no problem, it did’nt remove my eye makeup properly, so I would still suggest using an eye makeup remover before cleansing (as I always do).

Sensual Solutions Eye Promise™ (first from left)
This one is an eye cream that helps to remove puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. Again, it works short and long term, instantly giving your eyes a boost of freshness. It actually felt like I had applied two really cold slices of cucumber to my eyes. While I don’t suffer with puffiness and dark circles, this cream really felt great on and kept me looking wide awake all day.

Sensual Solutions Body Liftox™ (last product)
While I would have liked to try this product out for a longer period to see it’s effectiveness (the sample bottle didn’t get me too far), I did like the texture of this cream and how it absorbs into the skin without leaving a layer of grease. It’s supposed to improve elasticity and softness of the skin and improve overall texture. After using it for about a week or so every night, I could feel that my skin felt really great, but it did’nt give me the effect of a “Lift”. Perhaps it just needs a little longer to work it’s magic?

Dr Rey Sensual Solutions is available at selected Edgars stores.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts? Comment below, let us know!

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