Narciso Rodriguez – For her in Color

Narciso Rodriguez – For her in Color

When it comes to fragrances, Narciso Rodriguez is one of my favourite scents. I love how you can always smell the distinct Narciso Rodriguez musk in every one of his perfumes.

While, the original “for her” fragrance is still my fave and top of my lust list, his new fragrance, “for her in color” is a great variation for sexy summer nights.

A colorful interpretation of the eau de parfum inspired by Narciso Rodriguez’s fashion”

The bottle for Narciso Rodriguez for her in colour eau de parfum is a symphony of “saturated colour and simple shape”. I love the lumo reddish pink shade of the bottle, keeping the shape the same as his original fragrance. The scent itself has a more seductive scent. It’s sweeter and ideal for summer; going on really strong and settling into a musky, vibrant scent.

“Seriously seductive, for her in color envelops the body with sublime sensations and a discreet potency that’s enigmatic. The sensuality of the original for her eau de parfum is distilled further: notes of amber are accentuated with precious hints of vanilla as select woody accords are added and refreshed.”

Where the story began

“The story of narciso rodriguez in color began one late Sunday night. I’d begun experimenting with many colors and making these collages of color and shape which resembled paper dolls or little women.  One just led to another and when I hung them on the wall, it was like an explosion of color that was very beautiful.  Ultimately, it became a roadmap to the collection and subsequent collections.  It was a real departure; I’d stumbled on something that became a source of inspiration for so many creations, including this new pair of extraordinary fragrances” – Narciso Rodriguez

Who will like it

If you like sweet scents like J’Lo’s Glow Miami, then you will no doubt love this one, and probably even more. While it’s totally different, both have a rich amber scent that is reminicent of a hot night under a Brazilian sky, sipping Mojito’s and dancing the Samba.

for her in colour 50ml – R 950-00
for her in colour 100ml – R 1250-00

Available from 1 September 2011 an exclusive to Edgars and Red Square stores.

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