Beauté Pacifique Dermascan & Creme Metamorphique Anti Wrinkle Creme Review

Beauté Pacifique Dermascan & Creme Metamorphique Anti Wrinkle Creme Review

Do you know the condition of your skin? Check this out! Danish brand, Beauté Pacifique have developed a system that actually scans your skin, the same way an ultrasound scans pregnant women.

The scan tells you how much collagen and new cells your skin has, which helps the Beauté Pacifique therapist to fine tune your skincare, recommendations based on your skin’s current condition.

I recently met with Beauté Pacifique’s National Sales manager, Eta for coffee at Gateway and got myself scanned.

I must admit, I was shocked when she told me my skin wasn’t as great as I had thought. Every time I go for a facial I’m always told how good my skin is, but the Beauté Pacifique scan disagrees.

From my scan Eta was able to determine that my skin is very thin and that is the primary reason for visible wrinkles. Not that I feel my wrinkles are that visible, but she suggests feeding the skin with more Vitamin A, so that they don’t get worse. I am after all, the big 30 and as anyone who’se hit this scary number knows, things always seem to go downhill from there.

The Dermascan

The top scan is of the skin on the inside of my wrist, which is the “most protected skin”, so its a good to use it to compare. The scan below was taken on my temple. You can see the yellow line is broken, which is supposed to be the skin’s layer, so that shows my skin is very thin. The blue is collagen, which is supposed to be clustered together and the little red spots are new collagen cells, which apparently my face lacks.

Eta recommended I use a good eye cream and Beauté Pacifique Metamorphique Anti Wrinkle Creme which I’ve been using for a about two weeks now. Although I haven’t been for another scan (I will definitely go when they are back in town and compare),  I can feel that my skin feels thicker. When I smile, the wrinkles are far less defined, so I guess you could say the Vitamin A is working!

The aim of this product is to be used as a night cream, after cleansing to help feeds the skin with two forms of Vitamin A. These assist in rebuilding the collagen fibres and help the skin become reinforced and rejuvenated.

Everyone over the age of 25 should consider adding this product to their skincare regime. When you first start using it you have to use it every second day for the first eight or so days to allow your skin time to adapt to the Vitamin A. Once your skin has adapted, you move onto using a small amount every night after cleansing.

Even though I had followed the 8-10 day rule, I found that my skin did break out slightly when I started using it daily, which could have been caused by applying too much – I can’t help it, the product feels so rich and creamy – but now that I am using smaller amounts, my skin is happy as can be.

Beauté Pacifique Creme Metamorphique costs R870 for a 50ml bottle, but you use such a small amount that the product really goes a loooong way.

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